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The Simple Tip Calculator


The Simple Tip Calculator lets you effortlessly calculate restaurant tips on either your iPhone or iPod Touch.  This tip calculator is by far the easiest and simplest tip calculator out there.


If you are looking for a tip calculator that gets the job done fast, then look no further. The Simple Tip Calculator was designed to be easy on the eyes but also to make it very easy to enter tips fast. Unlike other tip calculators that are cluttered with useless graphic elements, the Simple Tip Calculator is free of distractions.  On The Simple Tip Calculator you just enter your bill. That’s it, everything else is done automatically for you (the tip goes from 1% to 30%). Use the tip percent slider to quickly and easily change your tip percentage. Splitting the cost of the meal, no problem!  At the bottom, use the people slider to quickly divide the cost of the meal by the number of friends paying. (up to 8 persons)




 -       An interface that is both simple and pleasant.

-       Splits the cost of the meal effortlessly up to 8 friends!

-       A large number pad makes entering numbers a breeze!

-       Calculates percentages from 1% to 30%.

-       Enter both dollars and cents.